Following her groundbreaking debut Bombay Beach (2011), director Alma Har’el returns with another genre-bending gem about our perception of love and relationships. We enter the psyches of three young people: Blake, an Alaskan stripper reflecting on her budding relationship and wondering how long she can carry on the job; Coconut Willie, a Hawaiian surfer who discovers he’s not the biological father of his son; and Victory, a young black woman in New York City pondering family bonds and faith. Har’el smartly interlaces these real-life stories with actors playing the protagonists at different stages of their lives, interspersed with exquisite choreography that subtly blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy. The result is a multi-layered, deeply atmospheric and poetic viewing experience, graced with a hypnotic soundtrack by Flying Lotus that will leave you questioning the myth of True Love.

From The BFI London Film Festival program by Laure Bonville.

Director: Alma Har’el
Producer: Alma Har’el, Christopher Leggett, Rafael Marmor, Rhea Scott
Editor: Terry Yates, Alma Har’el
Associate Producer: Fady Salamé, Hannah Bombelles
Cinematographer: Alma Har’el
Executive Producer: Shia LaBeouf
Composer: Flying Lotus
Cast: Blake Gurtler, Joel Sturm, Will Hunt a.k.a Coconut Willie, Victory Boyd and The Boyd family.